Monster PowerNet 100 Expansion Module (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Monster PowerNet 100 Expansion Module (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Description

Style:Expansion Module Product description DX PLN 100; PLN 100 Digital Express PowerNet 120V 60Hz 0.2A From the Manufacturer PowerNet: Ethernet Anywhere What is PowerNet? PowerNet is Monster’s innovation in powerline networking technology. Part network adapter, part line conditioner, PowerNet lets network traffic and internet flow through the standard electrical outlets in your home. PowerNet 100 PowerNet 200 PowerNet 300 Ethernet ports 1 1 3 (4 total) Transfer Rate Up to 200 Mbps Up to 200 Mbps Up to 200 Mbps AC Outlets 2 2 Grounded Plug Clean Power Surge Protection Removeable Cord      Rotating Plug Use for Websurfing, email, and other light tasks Streaming video or playing games with a single device Connecting multiple internet components The Connected Home Today’s home is full of devices that require connection to the internet and to each other, going beyond the capabilities of devices such as AV recievers. Even TVs have IP connections for accessing content stored on a local home network and the internet. Not all devices have built-in Wi-Fi, and even those that do have limited performance to access HD content or play online games. The Problem with Wi-Fi While Wi-Fi may be acceptable for email and browsing, it lacks the speed and consistency to move large amounts of data used by HD content and games. Even with the latest version of Wi-Fi available (802.11n) the data can be limited by walls and floors in your home, and can be interrupted by outside RF interference from other devices in the home. Combine that with the added complications of setting up Wi-Fi networks and and the use of it as a solution becomes less appealing. For a consistent experience there is no better  method than a wired connection to the router and internet. With a wired connection, you are guaranteed the fastest speeds without interruption by other devices or the limitations of transmitting through walls and floors. The Problem with Adding Wires to Your Home Installing wires in your home can be a messy, time-consuming, and costly experience. Unless your home is gutted, adding Ethernet wiring to your home can be a huge inconvenience to your enjoyment of your Ethernet devices. Additionally, many condo, co-op and home associations prohibit this type of installation. You want your ethernet to work immediately and function at the highest speed possible. The Solution: Monster PowerNet Every PowerNet module works on Home Plug AV Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology that utilizes the exisiting electrical wiring in your home to send and receive Ethernet signals between your devices. With speeds up to 200Mpbs, Monster PowerNet is the perfect solution to connect all of your Ethernet devices quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective manner. Anywhere there is an outlet in your home, you have an Ethernet connection. PLC does not provide the speeds of a direct connection to a router; however, Monster PowerNet performs at 200 Mbps, faster than any Wi-Fi connection. Monster PowerNet Advantage Unlike any other PLC Ethernet modules, PowerNet 200 and 300 modules provide features such as an AC plug (no loss of an outlet on your wall), and with PLC Clean Power filtering to reduce noise and interference on your electrical lines caused by appliances and other electronics. This not only improves network speed, it lets PowerNet work where other power line communication products won’t. The PowerNet 300 even has 3 additional Ethernet connections allowing for 1 module to be used for multiple devices. With all these features, Monster PowerNet is the best solution available for distributing Ethernet throughout your home. How to Set it Up Setting up PowerNet is as simple as it gets. First, run a standard Ethernet cable from your router to one of the PowerNet modules. Next, plug the PowerNet module into a nearby electrical outlet. Repeat these steps for the device you want to get a network connection to and you should be in business. No passwords. No confusing set up. NOTE: If your PowerNet module is not providing a connection, make sure that 1) the two outlets are on the same circuit breaker (not a problem in most homes) and 2) that you have turned your router off and back on. Monster provides customer support for further issues.

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